Mindset Mondays: Motivation Comes After Momentum

Hello Everyone! Mindset Mondays is a new blog thread that is going to be based on simple mindsets that have helped people become happy, healthy, wealthy or even just a more productive member of society. Every Monday we will dissect a mindset that is expressed in an easy to remember and conceptualize “one-liner”. Although I do call out some bad mindset's and make a joke of certain things, this is meant to spread positivity and productive mindsets. This post might seem counter-intuitive but keep reading. Sometimes the hardest part about doing something is starting it in the first place.


This week we will explore the notion that:

Motivation Comes After Momentum

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The Problem:

What's the hardest part about doing anything? Whether it is starting your gym routine, doing your laundry, or building a business, there is one common thing that is the most difficult part about any of these undertakings.




“If you haven't read my blog on how to “Decide What You Want, It Makes Every Other Decision Easier” read it. This blog is for people to find the motivation when they already have decided what you want!”


Your brain loves comfort. It tells us to stay in bed, not to go for a run, not to do anything too straining. It forgets all the great things that come to us as a result of doing things that are hard. It forgets how easy things actually are once you get started. We have all felt this. Whether it is a blank word document that is supposed to miraculously turn into an essay, or sitting on a heap of laundry flipping through Instagram, dreading matching two weeks worth of socks. Why is putting on your sheets after you washed them soooo dreadful to think about when in actuality, it takes less than 5 min to actually do?


Why does actually starting something seem like the hardest part and why does everything become less straining once you actually get going? Why does all of this inner turmoil, anguish, and dread disappear for the most part when begin? How many things could we have completed or achieved if we just did the first step?

The Solution:

First of all, before we figure out how to complete things we set out to do, we first must focus on starting, and even more importantly, what is stopping us from starting.


What is it that keeps you from turning an idea or goal into action?


Is it negative self-talk?

“I am not good enough”

“It’s going to take too long. I don’t have enough time”

“I don’t know where to start”

“Why even try, I am a pathetic piece of shit **Doritos bag opens as Netflix home screen asks you for another quick hour of your time**


Is it the pressure of other people and their opinions?

“You’ve never done anything like this before”

“Oh hunny, technology was never your strong suit”

“You never kept the weight off you lost last time”

“Ha, Good luck dude”


Maybe it's really really hard?

“Do you know how many days I will have to spend behind a computer on top of my fulltime job?”

“My friend is good at this, but she practices like every day! Fuk Dat”

“Not going to the gym today will not make a bit of difference. This gut wasn’t built in a day!”

“How the shit are people finding the motivation?????”

All of these are possible areas that keep us from starting things. We see how easily things could go wrong, how much work it will be, or how many people still wouldn’t give a shit about it anyway.


Fuck all of that. If you want something, go out and get it!


Yeah I know, it's not that easy, and you are right. You can’t just GO out and….


Wait fuck all of that again, yes you can. In fact, that is the only thing you have to do. Start! Begin! Commence! Go forth unto thee!!


How much easier is the gym once you are there? Once you got that first three gym sessions under your belt, how easy are the next three? Once you have a month of gym going under your belt and you start to see some results, how much easier does it seem to keep going than it was to get to the gym that very first time?


This type of motivation truly does come after momentum.


I can’t tell you how many times I have truly feared doing something. Fearing that I will fail, that I won’t know what to do once I get started, fearing what people will think. I still struggle with getting started on things, but more and more recently I have found the power of getting started and more importantly, I have realized that the motivation I was trying to conjure up to get started only came after I started.

Why It Is Important:

Close your eyes and pretend like you have never had any hesitation, apprehensiveness, procrastination, anxiety, or fear to hold you back from doing what you want. Really visualize all of the things you could accomplish!


The funny thing is, these are all emotions that have their greatest grip on us when things are just ideas in our head. They disappear or at least are brought down to a manageable level once we get going on something. So why not eliminate them from our thought projections all together?


There are a few things to remember:

  1. Epiphanies are so rare they pretty much don’t exist.
  2. Don’t expect anyone to hold your hand.
  3. Motivation comes from out of nowhere, it is built from proving your inner lazy-ass wrong.
  4. What is possible is whatever you tell yourself is possible.
  5. A great medium for ideas before they become actions is paper. Write down what you want to do!


In closing, I want to remind people how much easier life can be if we have the right mindset. If we get into the right mindset we can be happy, healthy, wealthy, and motivated no matter what happens to us. I want people to know that I struggle with all of the things I write about, every day. I do not write these to show off my mental fortitude or to profess some sort of doctrine. I write these posts so people can see me bleed and remember that I, along with everyone else is struggling in life too. Our mindsets are the only thing that we can truly control. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we prepare, react, endure, recover from life's little stabs in the side or its greatest gifts. We can choose to become bitter or let our ego get inflated, or we can be prepared, armed with the mental constitution that keeps us resilient.


I have been writing these posts for almost 2 months and have received a lot of good feedback. Please, reach out if you have anything at all to say! Good, bad or otherwise!


Also if you have any Mindset Monday recommendations, please send them to me!:)

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