Bessell Surfboards

Building a website for Tim Bessell and Bessell Surfboards has been one of our favorite projects thus far! We really enjoyed collaborating with Tim and creating a product that is both beautiful and effective. This means that we needed to optimize for terms that Tim has legacy around and build a site that was easy for viewers to find their way through. Keeping it simple while still giving his work the spotlight it deserves is exactly what we pride ourselves on. Check it out, It's RAD!


Complete Website Build

  • E-Commerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Copywriting
  • SEO
  • CRO


  • Blog / Content Creation
  • Social Media

Tim Bessell is a legendary Surfboard Shaper out of La Jolla, California. As an artist and a businessman, he wanted a beautiful website that was still both simple and functional for E-commerce. Most know Tim Bessell as surfer that has been making custom surfboards for over 20 years, but it is his art that is gaining him recognition and allowing him to fuse both together on projects like the Bessell + Warhol Project where he has a whole line of custom surfboards with licenced art from the late great Andy Warhol.


Tim said this about the project and Bell Digital:

"As an artist and a shaper, it is important that my work was represented perfectly and I could not be happier with the work Bell Digital did for me and my business."